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Does cooking feel like a chore?

I started this podcast to help create more ease in your kitchen. I'll show you how to create delicious meals quickly, with a small list of ingredients.

Cooking should be fun, not a burden!


Hi, I'm Susie Miles.

I'm here because I enjoy all things food. I simply love being in the kitchen and want to share that love with you. I'm also here because I want folks to know that cooking doesn't have to be stressful or something to dread. There are so many ways to make cooking easier and more enjoyable with just a little planning. You also don't need a ton of fancy ingredients to make a delicious meal. I'll show you how to get there through my podcast, recipes, kitchen tips and 1:1 private consultations.

Cooking and Convos Podcast

Welcome to Cooking and Convos, where I share super easy recipes for super tasty meals, that will take you 30 min or less to prepare. I'll also have a few convos along the way, with interesting folks who have a lot to say about food as well. I'd like to inspire you to get in the kitchen so you can create delicious meals quickly with a small list of ingredients.

Cooking doesn't have to feel like a burden but something you enjoy. I'd love for you to step into my kitchen to cook and connect.

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Cooking from Scratch

What a delightfully and yummy inspiration to open the fridge and make a meal with what you have in there. This style of cooking is creativity at its finest because you can express your creative flair AND provide real food for those you love. You will be glad you tuned in. I know I was! I can't wait for next season!!!!

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